CH6 / T1002 / D-3 / S-52

The CS-682 STUDIO Professional Tripod System includes a 100mm CH6 fluid head, T1002 aluminum tripod, D-3 Dolly, and S-52 carry case.

The CS-682G Professional Tripod System from Acebil includes a 100mm CH6 fluid head, T1002 aluminum tripod, GS-3 ground spreader, and an S-52 carry case. The tripod features a two-stage design and aluminum construction that supports loads up to 15kg / 33.0lb. It provides a height range from 63-171cm / 24.8”-67.4” and comes equipped with a sliding quick-release plate and pan bar.

  • 100mm ball
  • Single Stage Aluminum Tripod
  • Supports loads up to 15kg / 33.0lb
  • Height range: 63-171cm / 24.8”-67.4”

Payload 15kg / 33.0lb
CB Payload 2~12kg / 4.4~26.4lb
Counter Balance Free + 8 Steps
Pan Drag Free + 6 Steps
Tilt Drag Free + 6 Steps
Tilt Angle +90° / -70°
LED Bubble Level Illumination Yes
Camera Plate Slide Plate
Plate Attachment 3/8" Screw
Spare Camera Screw 1/4" & 3/8" Screw
Slide Range +60 / -60 mm
Weight 7.2kg / 15.9lb
Height 63-171cm / 24.8”-67.4”
Ball Diameter 100mm
Leg Section 2 Stage
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